Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates class going through leg exercises

What is Pilates?

Classical Mat Pilates is a system of exercises designed by Joe Pilates to develop strength, flexibility, balance and posture. In this class, the focus is on the relationship between movement and breath while engaging and strengthening your powerhouse — the core muscles that go from the bottom of your ribs to your pelvis. Get ready to use muscles you didn’t know you have!

Taught by certified Pilates instructor Laura Caputo, Mat Pilates is excellent for every age and fitness level. Modifications can be made for all exercises.

Is Pilates right for me?

Yes! Especially if you are looking for:

  • Total body workout: Pilates works your abdominals, arms, chest, shoulders, buttocks, hips & legs
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Relief of joint and back pain
  • Enhanced muscular control
  • A stable foundation to support you in all your physical activity

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