Virtual Classes

virtual class celebratory high-five
Virtual high-fives encouraged!

Every move matters, no matter where you move.

With YD/M interactive virtual classes, you’ll benefit from the same form correction, exercise modifications and encouragement our expert trainers provide in-person.

We’ll send an email ahead of each class with a Zoom link and a list of props to have on hand, like exercise bands or weights. If you don’t have them, that’s OK, too! We can suggest alternatives based on whatever is available. Classes are 45 minutes and include modifications for different fitness levels.

What can you expect from virtual classes? Same as we teach in person: When you retrain form, you restore function.

We are committed to working closely with clients on how to move correctly and safely. Correct movement can retrain the way your brain and muscles communicate, which means you can reduce or eliminate pain and improve performance.

Got questions? We’re here to answer them, during or after class. We want you to be confident in your movement, so you’ll achieve better results.

Classes include:

Engage: Build muscle and strength with super-set stations targeting specific muscle groups.

Fusion: Mix of high-intensity cardio, strength, core and agility training.

Mat Pilates: Focus on movement and breath while strengthening your core and improving flexibility and muscular balance.

Stay Strong: Low-intensity exercises focusing on form and function to strengthen the body’s foundation.

Tabata: High-intensity interval training designed around proper body mechanics.