YDM Workout MiX

Lets face it, working out can get boring! We are here to end that feeling and offer you fun, engaging, and dynamic workouts! At the beginning of the month you will receive 12 workouts to add to your routine over the next two months. Each workout has video instructions on how to perform exercises and what equipment to use. You will also get PDF files to download to your device for an easy recap. Check out what kind of workouts you get in our YDM Workout MiX blog section.

Spice up the relationship you have with fitness!

BOSU xovers JOHN5
Swiss ball Mike photo
Core slider JOHN pic2

Here is all the equipment we use:
-Swiss Balance Ball
-Elite Core Sliders
-Tribe Resistance Bands
-Foam Roller
-Exercise Mat
-Fit Simplify Loop Bands

This is a non-refundable one time payment. Your access will expire at the end of 2 months, with the option to renew. Before starting any program please read the disclaimer.