YDM FiT Classes

Our specialty fitness classes are full of positive energy, where we teach you how to exercise correctly and have fun doing it! We currently have three classes that will challenge you in different ways.

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YDM FiT Fusion

A mix of strength and cardio exercises, making you sweat. We help you focus on the right muscles being used to enhance your workout. This class uses resistance bands and core sliders to change up your routine and challenge your muscles a different way. YDM FiT Fusion runs every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6pm at Texturedance Studio 4140 N. Sheridan Rd, Chicago.

YDM FiT Stay Strong

A strength based class that increases muscle tone and energy level.  These exercises are designed to improve exercise form, muscle engagement, and strength so you can live an active life! We have partnered with the professionals at Symmetry Physical Therapy to give you the attention your body needs! YDM FiT Stay Strong runs every 1st Thursday of the month at 6pm at 4223 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago .

YDM FiT Engage

Come Engage your muscles in our high intensity strength class. You will go through four strength stations that focus on specific muscle groups. Challenge yourself at each station through timed, super-set exercises and iso-mins (our new favorite thing) taking you to the next level of strength. YDM FiT Engage runs the 2nd Sunday of the month at 11am at Texturedance Studio 4140 N. Sheridan Rd, Chicago.