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We know that movement rejuvenates joints, promotes blood circulation and heightens muscle stimulation. But did we know that we can retrain the way our brain and muscles communicate? We can change the way our bodies move and in turn, how we feel.

Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy & active lifestyle, however, how you move your body during exercise matters! We are Corrective Exercise Specialists that keep a close eye on your exercise form in our YDM FiT classes.

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YDM Class Mike Hip Bridge
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Our carefully designed fitness programs walk you through every exercise with modifications for all fitness levels.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I didn’t know how to workout on my own! Your Daily Move provided me with a unique approach to in-home workouts. They made it so easy for me to know what equipment to buy and even better, was how they paired it up with video tutorials. Their helpful tutorials and workout plans gave me a clear exercise regiment, which allowed me to focus on my main goal: Getting Fit!

I just completed 5 weeks of Your Daily Move’s program and am feeling much stronger and healthier since I started. I was able to do all of my workouts at home with some simple weights, a resistance band, and a balance ball.

Before each course, I watched the videos of each move. It was a great way to learn the move and make sure I was in proper form. There were also plenty of options for modifications depending on level.

Overall, Your Daily Move created a very well balanced plan for both beginners and more advanced. I highly recommend this course for someone like me who wants to get back into working out and ease into the challenge. I look forward to repeating this course!

As someone who is on the road a fair amount for  work, Your Daily Move is the perfect travel companion…just throw a resistance band in the carry-on bag and you are all set. The weekly emails and blog posts provided the encouragement and motivation to stick with the exercise program, as well as the lifestyle habits. The videos were amazing, especially for a visual learner like me. They were clear, concise, well produced, and most importantly, stressed proper form. I really enjoyed the program!

I started the YDM program five weeks ago. I am not only impressed with the program but I am impressed with myself for keeping on track.  I can attribute this to the  videos and clear explanations of the exercises and movements. The exercises are not hard to do and progressions are shown when I feel I could step it up a notch.  Also, the reminders for proper form are very helpful and encouraging.  This is a program that motivates me to be conscious of my everyday movements . It has helped me improve my strength and balance which in turn has improved my overall health by motivating and encouraging a more positive attitude toward a healthy and strong way of life. Thanks YDM you rock!!

I’ve trained with both John and Mike in the past and can say that they’ve managed to distill their extensive knowledge into an efficient, scalable fitness program that anyone can benefit from. Their programs require minimal equipment and can be done anywhere. I personally can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

The classes at Your Daily Move are truly fantastic! I can not recommend them enough! John and Mike bring so much energy and make the hour fly by. It’s definitely a challenging workout, but they make sure you’re doing everything correctly and are more than happy to give modifications as needed. The classes are small and filled with fun people which is really the cherry on top to a great workout.