YD/M’s training program is built on proper movement for long-term results. Discover the benefits of working with corrective exercise specialists who focus on your every move.

What YD/M Clients Say

This is a program that motivates me to be conscious of my everyday movements. It has helped me improve my strength and balance, which in turn has improved my overall health by motivating and encouraging a more positive attitude toward a healthy and strong way of life. Thanks YD/M, you rock!!

- JoAnn

The classes at Your Daily Move are truly fantastic! I cannot recommend them enough! John and Mike bring so much energy and make the hour fly by. It’s definitely a challenging workout, but they make sure you’re doing everything correctly and are more than happy to give modifications as needed. The classes are small and filled with fun people, which is really the cherry on top to a great workout.

- Leslie

I just can’t say enough good things about Mike and his approach to training. First of all, he knows his stuff. He has specific training in working with pregnant women, so I’m confident in following his advice. Beyond that, I really feel as though he has tailored this program specifically for me. He checks in with me at the beginning of each session to see how I’m feeling (as well as throughout our sessions), and then adjusts the planned workouts accordingly.

- Anastasia

Mike and John’s classes are fun and challenging! Also, personal training with Mike is really great. YD/M is helping me to reach my fitness and health goals.

- Mike W.

Your body, your needs. John and Mike do an assessment and develop a plan — no cookie-cutter routines for anyone here!

- Lin