Personal Training

Where short-term training goals meet long-term results.

Your Daily Move specializes in personal training focused on proper form and muscle engagement. We welcome new clients at all levels of fitness and experience and offer training in-person at our Chicago studio and via Zoom.

The first step is to evaluate your movement and identify if there is any muscular weakness or imbalance that could affect your mobility and progress.

We then develop a customized training program based on your needs, whether it’s to build strength, agility, speed, endurance — or some combination of all of the above. Most importantly, we focus on corrective exercise and injury prevention, so you can spend more time being active.

Whether your goal is a new personal record in the Chicago marathon, improved stability and balance, or safe training during and post-pregnancy, we can do more than help you reach it — we can help you move better every day.

Bridging Physical Therapy and Fitness Training

If you recently have been cleared for pre- or post-rehabilitation training, we’ll work with your healthcare provider and provide notes on physical limitations and progress.

We also work closely with physical therapists, including Symmetry Physical Therapy in North Center. Our expertise in corrective and post-orthopedic exercise means we’re uniquely qualified to integrate rehab exercises into your fitness program.

Give us a call (773-944-9110) or contact us here to learn more about YD/M’s personal training program, including a free body movement evaluation.