Lifestyle Habit Tips

Improve your quality of life by incorporating exercise into your daily routine!

On The Go

These body movements are perfect for commuters. We can utilize our time better when waiting for a bus or train. There are many stretches and muscle engagement routines we can do in transit. If you are a driver, it is a bit trickier. However, we have you covered. Check out these videos to help combat stiff joints while you are on the go!

Office Stress Relief

Work, work, work…it doesn’t have to be an excuse anymore. We put together simple moves to help with your poor posture and increase your heart rate a tad. They won’t drench your nice work clothes, but they will target muscle groups that are inhibited the most. We also put in some nice muscle release techniques for muscle tension.

Exercise Form

Proper form is high on our list when it comes to loading joints. We want to make sure you have the knowledge and body awareness to preform common exercises.

Traveling Tips

Traveling is the king of awkward movement patterns. When traveling we don’t think of anything but how to get from point A to point B no matter what it takes. Our On The Go section does a good job of describing moves to relieve muscle tension. Here, we will change how you do certain movements to lessen wear and tear on your joints. Also, we have exercises and stretches to restore your body after traveling.

Improve Joint Function

This section can be a little daunting and complicated. Many of our moves come from corrective exercise programs that were designed to reduce pain. We will break some of those exercises down and explain why we should be doing more of them every day. You will see these exercises in all of the other sections used in different settings. Come back to this section for some practice.

Sleeping Tips

“I think I slept weird” are words we hear a lot in the corrective exercise field. We have been coming up with ways to position sleepers in a non-compromising way. This section will go over what to do before you get into bed, what position to start in and hopefully stay in, and what to do after you slept “weird”.