Prenatal & Postnatal Training

Woman doing an arm extension with cable during a personal training session

Be better prepared for childbirth — and the demands of motherhood — with supportive and safe personal training.

Wherever you are in your pregnancy, Your Daily Move can develop a personal training plan to help you feel your best and work with you post-childbirth to rebuild core strength and stability.

All forms of fitness, including strength, cardio and stretching, when appropriate, can result in benefits that promote a healthy mom and baby. A postnatal exercise program may also be beneficial to boosting energy and decreasing the risk of postpartum depression.

YD/M client performing cable rows with her infant twins watching
Bringing an audience is optional.

Pregnancy requires physical, mental and emotional strength. Working with Mike Pileczka or John Kinnemann, both are certified AFPA Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialists, you’ll be better prepared for labor and delivery, and life as a new parent, with guided, appropriate personal training that prioritizes your wellness.

Give us a call (773-944-9110) or contact us here to learn more about YD/M’s membership training program, including a free body movement evaluation.

What Clients Say …

I just can’t say enough good things about Mike and his approach to training. First of all, he knows his stuff. He has specific training in working with pregnant women, so I’m confident in following his advice. Beyond that, I really feel as though he has tailored this program specifically for me. He checks in with me at the beginning of each session to see how I’m feeling (as well as throughout our sessions) and then adjusts the planned workouts accordingly. Some days this means we push it harder, other days we pull back a bit.

Not only are our individual sessions great, but working with Mike has given me the confidence to continue taking regular classes by making modifications where necessary. I am currently 35+ weeks along, and while I can’t work out with quite the intensity I did pre-pregnancy, I’m still getting around four really good workouts per week. As a bonus, Mike and I are already talking about my postnatal training and what we’ll do to get me back on track after this baby arrives. I highly recommend Mike Pileczka to any other pregnant ladies who are looking to maintain their fitness levels while having an active, healthy pregnancy.” – Anastasia