Michael Pileczka

Personal trainer Michael Pileczka works with a client at Your Daily Move

Michael Pileczka holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with a concentration in movement science and is certified as an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, and AFPA Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist.

In addition to being a personal trainer, Mike has instructed snowboarders on Midwestern slopes for more than a decade. His experiences on the slopes and in the gym have informed his insight into the importance of proper body movement. A large concentration of his training focuses on body mechanics, postural awareness, and correct form when performing exercises.

Mike’s clients range from elite athletes to individuals who are stepping into a gym for the first time. He has vast experience in customizing programs for expectant mothers and individuals recovering from injury, including those with knee, shoulder, hip, and ankle issues.

Outside of each individual’s personalized goals, Mike’s biggest goal is to keep his clients moving, correctly.

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