Austin’s CORE-ner

Our four-legged furry friends give us more then we know. They encourage us to move! I know Austin gets me out of the house, and we might even sprint down the block for a few seconds. I really appreciate him; he’s ten years old and still has the heart of a puppy. In fact, he even looks like one, right? With his big puppy ears, it’s almost like he’s going backwards in time!

Here’s our tribute to Austin and all the other best four-legged friends out there.

Austin’s CORE-ner Routine
– 2x Through
-Plank Roll Up 10-12 Reps (try with one leg, too!)
-Dead Bug Variation 10-12 Reps Each Side
-Kneeling On Balance Ball 30 Seconds (use a wall to train stability)

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