Do I Even Need To Warm Up?

The answer is YES! A proper warm-up is crucial before any workout, especially if you had a previous injury. Check out Mike’s exclusive shoulder routine.

As you can see Mike was not stretching his muscles, he was actively moving his joints to lubricate the shoulder capsule. Performing stability exercises to prime his joints and muscles for heavier activity is a big part of Mike’s warm-up.

Even warm-ups like the ones below help increase blood flow and energize your muscles before physical activity. Since the muscle will be going through a contract/relax state during exercise, it should also be warmed up in a similar state. You can think of it as teaching the muscle what it will be doing so it doesn’t freak out!
In this warm-up, the quadriceps are put under tension and then relaxed before being under pressure from your body. A great way to get them used to a dynamic workout!

The side-to-side arm swing is a slightly different approach. Moving the joint in this fashion will increase synovial fluid within the shoulder capsule for a smoother rotation. However, the shoulder, pec, and biceps muscles are actively under tension every second and then relaxed again just like the dynamic quad stretch.