Best Moves To Train Your Midsection

Traditional ab workouts aren’t bad, but there are better ways to train your midsection. We came up with three exercises that will put your abs to the test!

Due to the anatomy of the torso, leg lifts are a primary function of your core. The psoas muscle is connected to the head of your femur (the part of the bone closest to the hips) and travels to your lower back (think of the front part of the lower spine)! Our first exercise will strengthen this muscle along with the superficial abdominal muscles. Working more of your midsection with one exercise is very time efficient.

Our second midsection exercise is the Swiss ball trunk rotation. This gut-buster works several muscles at once, challenging your body as a whole. Your glutes will help stabilize your pelvis as you use your external and internal obliques to roll the ball side to side. With added resistance, this move can really make you work!

Our last exercise is advanced and should only be attempted if you are able to do the modified versions. We use the unstable surface of the round foam roller, which adds a challenging variable. Holding a high plank is one thing, but holding a high plank on an unstable surface will recruit muscle fibers you may not have otherwise worked before.

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