Improve Stability and Balance

If we walk with two feet, squat with two feet and deadlift with two feet, then why train your legs individually? Compensations occur throughout our body due to the overuse of a dominate limb in lifestyle activities (standing up from a chair, vacuuming, picking something up from the ground, etc.). We mention these habits several times in our blogs and offer ways to be aware of these compensations. The bottom line is, you must train body parts individually so they can perform optimally together.

In this routine, we train the legs individually, targeting the gluteal muscles which help stabilize the knee and improve balance. Working with hip stabilization exercises can really bring out your compensations. Are you a little more shaky on one leg than the other? It’s good to be aware of these imbalances. While doing the exercises below, I realized that I was less stable on my left side. That said, I’ll make it my project to focus more work into improving that specific side. These are advanced exercises that help with improving balance while challenging your strength.

Gluteal Strengthening Routine – 3x Through
-Bosu Banded Hip Bridge 10-12 Reps
-Banded Lateral Step Leg Lift 20 Steps Total
-Bosu Banded Cross-Over 20 Steps Total Each Side

Check out the equipment that was used below and start these exercises!