Top 3 Bad Habits that Wreak Havoc on Your Posture!

Your Daily Move works with several health professionals in the Chicagoland area. BridgeWrites Integrative Physical Therapy and Your Daily Move collaborated on a lifestyle video entitled “Top 3 Bad Habits That Wreak Havoc On Your Posture“.

Dr. Tolga Yenilmez offers his views on three lifestyle habits that will most definitely cause your body harm down the road if done on a daily basis. These aren’t the common habits you think of, like, drinking alcohol, bad eating, smoking, and lack of activity…to name a few. These are habitual body movements we do over and over again without realizing it or weight loading our spine unevenly everyday.

1. Wearing a Bag on One Arm!

Over a period of time, wearing a bag on one arm can lead to other stressors impacting,

Here’s a couple tips on how you can help yourself out:
Wear both straps on the shoulders when carrying a backpack.
Alternate shoulders frequently when carrying a one sided shoulder strap bag.

2. Exploring that infamous wallet in the back pocket.

Habitually sitting with a wallet in the back pocket tends to lead to issues                surrounding the hips and low back.

What’s the fix⁉️
Use a front pocket wallet
Carry wallet in jacket/coat

3. Most of us use the same, dominant arm or leg to get through our day.

What’s the take away?
Make a habit of using your non-dominant hand when using a remote control, your cell phone or even brushing your teeth. It can be little awkward, but it does help to even out that work load between both sides of the body.

Do You Have Body Awareness?

We have found that the hip hinge is one of the hardest movements for a client to perform. Having control of your pelvis has proven to be extremely important while working out or even sitting on your bum!

If you don’t know what a hinging motion is, let’s break it down just a bit.

  • This movement starts with a slight bend of the knees while maintaining a small arch in the lower back and then executing a bend at the waist. Keeping a straight spine throughout this movement is very important. Yes, you are going to get a huge hamstring stretch!

When we mention pelvic control we are referring to that little arch you create in the lower back, resulting in an anterior (forward) tilt of the pelvis. You can practice this motion even when you are seated to prevent your lower back from rounding.

You can see how this is important during exercise, right? Lets go through the cues of the straight leg dead lift (SLDL) exercise (also known as an RDL (Romanian dead lift) and progress it to the single leg version.

What Is Circuit Training And How Do I Use It To My Advantage?

When it comes to fitness, we all get stuck in a workout groove, which isn’t necessarily bad. A groove could be something like, “I work on legs on Monday and chest and back on Tuesday or I do push movements on certain days and pull movements on others” Whatever your groove is, how do you know it is the best for you? The answer is RESULTS! Whether you workout for stress relief, for lower cholesterol, or to just get in shape, there needs to be an end goal to your fitness plan. Otherwise, why do it?

Exercise Groove

We wanted to offer some insight on how circuit training can be your exercise groove. When putting together a circuit training style fitness plan, one has an infinite number of exercises that can be set together sequentially and performed for a various number of repetitions. This type of training style allows for a wide array of exercises to be performed together and creates engagement and interest, which is VERY important in exercise program retention.

We are going to put some of the guessing aside and create a simple, yet effective total body circuit training routine. We use a mix of explosive, strength, and endurance exercises in order to burn the maximum amount of calories. These exercises are safe and effective, and don’t worry, there will be modifications for most exercises. For most looking for an exercise program out there, the goal is usually weight loss. With that said, these circuit training programs ALONE will not achieve that goal. Diet plays a HUGE role in shedding those unwanted pounds, but that’s another topic for another time.

Exercises Worth Doing

As we mentioned before, there are many ways to lose weight in an exercise routine. In the list below, we go over the different benefits that come with the attached circuit training program.

  • Waiter’s Carry, High Side Plank Twist Reach, and Bear Crawl all strengthen abdomen, gluteals, and lower back. These muscles are some of the largest in our body and will elevate the heart rate and increase our metabolic burn rate. Strengthening these muscles will also support your spine and pelvis as an added bonus.
  • Forward Squat Jump/Reverse Squat Jump and Jump Lunge are explosive exercises that will maintain muscular tone and durability.
  • We added some endurance to increase the intensity of the workout. Quick Jump to Burpee and Mountain Climbers will make you sweat, losing some water weight and increasing the heart rate even further.

Aside from losing weight, this circuit style will maintain engagement with its variety of exercises. Watch the video below and try this circuit out yourself!

3 Times Through

  1. Waiter’s Carry 10-12 Steps Each Way
  2. Forward Squat Jump/Reverse Squat Jump 10-12 Jumps Each Way (20-24 Jumps)
  3. High Side Plank Twist Reach 10-12 Reps Each Side
  4. Jump Lunge 20 Jumps
  5. Bear Crawl 10-12 Reps Each Side
  6. Quick Jump to Burpee 10-12 Reps
  7. Curl and Press 10-12 Reps
  8. Mountain Climber 30 Secs
Rest 60-90 seconds and repeat circuit


The Move In The Right Direction

The human body is an amazing and intricately designed mechanism. Every bone, ligament, and muscle is neatly placed to work in conjunction with one another. The balance that should exist within the body doesn’t always seem to work the way we may want. Life happens. Driving a car, sleeping in odd positions, working a repetitive job, sitting in front of the television, carrying a child, and everything else our lives throw our way seems to have an ill-mannered impact on those bodily structures. The mind follows suit as well; an out of line body can have a poor influence on your mental well being.

I’ve been fascinated by the human body since I was a teen. I saw my first human cadaver at the age of 14 and was blown away by the complexity of the human body’s interior makeup. As I accrued more knowledge in the sciences surrounding anatomy, biology, biomechanics, etc., I began to formulate a self purpose, a sense of what I wanted to do with said knowledge. My “Aha!” moment occurred at 20 years of age as a snowboarding instructor when I was teaching a young novice how to ride. This occurred in the final five minutes of our session; the kid was probably sick and tired of hearing my cues, commands, and corrections, and just wanted to get out of the cold. However, something magical happened. He got up off his soaking wet rear end, instinctively remembered all the details I had laid upon him, and carved down the slope from heel side to toe side. He shouted with excitement, we hi-fived and went our separate ways. Little did the young snowboarder know, that experience would change my life forever. His success via my instruction ignited my fire to instruct and teach others to be better versions of themselves. By showing him the proper body mechanics on a snowboard, he would have a life filled with many memorable trips to the slopes. His body would be thankful because he knew proper technique, and in turn, his life would be rewarded with many amazing experiences.

That personal experience has everything to do with why I am here alongside John in our journey for betterment of all people in the body movements that surround their daily lives. The way you move defines you. The way in which you carry yourself says a lot about how you feel inside and out. I’ve joined this mission to help you achieve just that, your better self. The connection between body and mind is strong. Body movement through your life should be conscious, purposeful, and have a meaning. Through a series of basic alterations and corrections, you can make your daily movements so much more meaningful. I am here to get people to see their lives in a clearer and more fulfilling light, which starts with getting them to move in the right direction with the right direction. Join us on a path to a better you, not just for your body, but for your mind and soul.

A Daily Move Is Born

I am fascinated by body movement. How specific fibers move your bones to create angles. Even when we are just standing or sleeping our bodies are moving. It becomes complex to think about every movement inside our body. Therefore, my concentration is in muscle direction. Mostly everyday I will analyze a stranger’s posture, while they are  walking down the sidewalk, sitting in a coffee shop, or waiting for the bus. I think to myself “This person can use ____”, but I never tell them. It might be a little weird. So, here I am telling everyone else, maybe it will catch on.