Top 3 Bad Habits that Wreak Havoc on Your Posture!

Your Daily Move works with several health professionals in the Chicagoland area. BridgeWrites Integrative Physical Therapy and Your Daily Move collaborated on a lifestyle video entitled “Top 3 Bad Habits That Wreak Havoc On Your Posture“.

Dr. Tolga Yenilmez offers his views on three lifestyle habits that will most definitely cause your body harm down the road if done on a daily basis. These aren’t the common habits you think of, like, drinking alcohol, bad eating, smoking, and lack of activity…to name a few. These are habitual body movements we do over and over again without realizing it or weight loading our spine unevenly everyday.

1. Wearing a Bag on One Arm!

Over a period of time, wearing a bag on one arm can lead to other stressors impacting,

Here’s a couple tips on how you can help yourself out:
Wear both straps on the shoulders when carrying a backpack.
Alternate shoulders frequently when carrying a one sided shoulder strap bag.

2. Exploring that infamous wallet in the back pocket.

Habitually sitting with a wallet in the back pocket tends to lead to issues                surrounding the hips and low back.

What’s the fix⁉️
Use a front pocket wallet
Carry wallet in jacket/coat

3. Most of us use the same, dominant arm or leg to get through our day.

What’s the take away?
Make a habit of using your non-dominant hand when using a remote control, your cell phone or even brushing your teeth. It can be little awkward, but it does help to even out that work load between both sides of the body.