Make Your Move Week 3 | Consistency Is Key

Bringing It All Together

This week we have four workouts to get through and bedtime/wake up stretch routines. Building good habits is how you will progress! At this point you will have to do workouts on consecutive days. Maybe two days on, one day off, however your schedule works is fine. You are trying to finish these four workouts by next week, GRADUATION WEEK!

We have two new circuits along with two circuit repeats. Expect a challenging week of cardio and strength. These dynamic workouts will make you sweat. Don’t be afraid to push yourself when repeating circuits from previous weeks.

  • Movement Done Right 105  Exercises that will challenge your agility, core, and shoulder strength. The Finisher 2.0 at the end of this circuit.
  • Move Making 103 – Add more reps or a progression that you haven’t used yet. Tummy Time core circuit at the end of this circuit.
  • Moving On Up 104 –  Another repeat where you can challenge yourself a bit more. Gut Buster With Ball at the end of this circuit.
  • Kardia Mover 106 A cardio based workout with total body strength exercises. This will get your kardia (heart) jumping.

Make sure you are eating clean and download these files.

Make Your Move Week 2 | Staying On Track

Next Level Movements

You have three workouts this week, plus a Lifestyle Habit similar to week 1We are upping the game just a tad, with some dynamic moves. You have two new circuits to get through, plus one repeat from last week. We also have a new The Finisher Tabata Circuit 2.0! Listen to your body when exercising.

This week expect exercises that isolate your muscles in the following circuits:

  • Move Making 103 – This circuit has multi-joint exercises that will challenge you. The Finisher circuit at the end.
  • Moving On Up 104 – We start to integrate multiple movements into one exercise, increasing your functional fitness level.
  • Move Making 102 – With this repeat, you will have a chance to practice. Add some weight or use a progression. Also, you can do 15 reps if you feel like you need more of a challenge. The Finisher 2.0 circuit at the end.

Keep moving and stay on track with these next level movements!

Lets get after the exercises! Remember to download the PDF for an easy to follow workout plan. Also, check out your meal ideas for this week. What you eat will determine how you move.

Make Your Move Week 1 | Starting Your Journey

Learning The Basics

This week we have two workouts to get through as well as a recommended lifestyle habit we want you to incorporate in your day.

Expect basic exercises to establish proper form in the following circuits:

  • Move Making 101 – Baseline exercises emphasizing proper form.
  • Move Making 102 – Further challenging muscles with The Finisher circuit, a cardio session, at the end.

As we progress through the month your workout frequency will increase to three and even four workouts a week. Also, your workouts will become more functional, this means multiple movements to make one exercise.

Each circuit contains eight exercises.  Complete each exercise for the given number of repetitions or time. Transition between exercises with minimal rest (5-10seconds).  After completing each series (also known as a set), rest between 60-90 seconds, then continue on with the next set.  Complete three sets.

Warming up and cooling down are very important so we added a warm up and cool down that you will do before and after each circuit for that day. Remember just ONE circuit is done a day. You can space them out throughout the week. For instance, you could run circuit 1 on Monday and circuit 2 on Wednesday. Look at our sample calendar from Nutrition Week if you need help planning. Leave at least one day in between for recovery this week and watch the videos before preforming the exercises!

Here are your workouts and meal ideas this week. Download it to your phone or print it out.